The proposed method was developed to be highly adaptive, scalable and user-friendly. This approach recognizes that no two RECODE projects are the same and that there are many people working on each campus’ project. RECODE Spring 2015 reports were influential in determining potential cross-campus themes to evaluation  while still allowing for each campus to provide contextual information.

Collect – Curate – Share

A considerable amount of rigour has gone into how we might collect, curate and share information on each campus and present that across the country. For a complete overview of how we arrived at the charts/tables and underlying field name, field type and field values, please visit:

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The following illustration summarizes the general approach to ‘building with the end in mind’. That is, what are the types of charts and tables that can augment the story telling. Working backwards, we can then ensure the underlying data can be aggregated, and easily collected. For any additional questions about the ‘collection-curation-sharing’, contact Anil Patel at

Key Features and Known Limitations

Like all evaluation projects, there are key features and known limitations to this methodology from a technology perspective. A few include:


  • No need for an additional database user name/password
  • Able to build off of McConnell Foundation’s existing infrastructure
  • Allows your colleagues to add their courses directly
  • Speeds ups reporting process as all the data is already in a spreadsheet
  • We can add you as an editor, if you have lots of data to enter as once


  • Although the survey for each theme is meant for new and additional reporting and the corresponding spreadsheet results are meant to allow grantees to change/update their responses, this process may be confusing to some audiences
  • Existing spreadsheets might be formatted differently
  • While this format is meant to complement your existing reporting, it may – in the short term – cause some additional copy & pasting and/or entering via the web form
  • For this to be an effective process, you’ll need to have internet access to add or edit information