Culture Shift

At a broad scale, a shift in culture involves a change in individual beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. In other words, a shift in the patterns of what people say and how they act. RECODE sees post-secondary culture shift as a critical component to achieving change at a systems level.

While there are many markers of Culture Shift on campus, this section will examine and visualize the current state—and growth—of post-secondary Social Innovation (SI), Social Entrepreneurship (SE), and Social Finance (SF) courses on campuses across Canada. The data shared by schools will allow us to track the diversity, development, and the breakdown of course offerings over time, in effect creating a national, public database of courses that is one of a kind.

Why track culture shift?

1. Courses are a good proxy for several elements of culture shift e.g. student demand, faculty buy-in, administrative commitment, greater internal awareness, etc.

2. There is no centralized list of courses across Canada, and it could provide an important public good around knowledge/trends around current course offerings and how they are evolving.

The chart below represents the number of SI/SE/SF courses currently active,
in development, or targeted (being planned) in schools across Canada.

*Note: The active courses included here have varying degrees of SI/SE/SF content.
For more info on course content see the chart below.

To view schools’ Culture Shift data in more detail, click here.

Take Part

Make sure your school is up-to-date—find the details for adding courses to this list below.

We look forward to working with RECODE campuses across Canada to increase SE/SI opportunities for College and University students to become drivers of progress and change. Schools that are not RECODE grant recipients are highly encouraged to upload their data to the culture shift section as it will feed into our collective understanding of the post-secondary courses and developments in SE/SI across the nation.

The chart below provides a summary of the varying percentages of
SI/SE/ SF course content in the courses being offered by RECODE schools. 

To view schools’ Culture Shift data in more detail, click here.

Add new courses

1. Before adding a new course, please take a moment to review the submissions.

2. If you don’t see the course, please click the button below to access  the online form and add the new course information. The form also provides an option to add multiple courses at once.

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View/edit data

1. If you need to update or edit information about a course that has already been added, please click the button below and go to the cell you want updated.

2. Please watch the video below for quick instructions on how to make changes.

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How to add your school’s courses


  • Go to the cell that you want to update. Then go to menu.
  • Menu –> Insert –> Comment
  • Type: then your instructions
  • Click ‘comment’ to send message